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Friday, October 30, 2009

Tony Yang x Skyla Arts x TingYi

About 1 month ago my admired photographer Tony Yang visited LA and I was lucky to be able to be involved in his projects that involved Xixi as well! Tony browsed through my portfolio and blog and asked me about TingYi and asked me if she might be interested to work with him as well. I was excited that I was able to match up model & photographer. :) This is when I discovered TingYi's post was accidentally deleted! It's so odd...! I must be more careful...anyways! Here is her before and after

When I looked at her before & after photo, at first I was worried since I chose a darker eyebrow shade considering the lighting. In the before & after it looks too dark, but in the photo results, it looked like what it needed to be. I just received the medium size photos recently and with TingYi's permission, I shared these! The size is slightly smaller than my normal image posting size so I had to resize it...sorry it's a little fuzzy!! For the rest of my "favs" from the set, check them out in my Makeup for Photoshoots gallery! :) Enjoy!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ting Yi's Before & After and Photoshoot gallery [Re-Post]

I don't know how it happened, but I somehow accidentally deleted the 2 posts that had TingYi's photos and I'm freaking out! I need to re-post this and combine it into one post! I apologize if you have seen it already. TingYi had a beach photoshoot with photographer 291 and asked me to do her makeup and hair for the photoshoot. Below is what TingYi said:

Thank you for your time this morning, you did an amazing job! The photos turned out great! I'll send some over if you want/need them for your website when I get them.
Photographer commented on the nice eye shadow colors today, so we picked the right one after all ;) Thanks again.
-Ting Yi
I started with a deeper purple, but TingYi thought a lighter lilac would be more suitable so I changed the eye shadow colors - and it turned out to be the right choice! Here are some of the results! For more photos, check them out in my Makeup for Photoshoots gallery! :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jeah's Wedding!

Before and After
I just got back from doing makeup for Jeah's wedding! I did her step mother and mother-in-law, but towards the end I was running out of time and didn't get to take the third before and after! They were running 1 hour late behind on schedule, and it was kind of hectic!! I can't believe I'm posting the before and after immediately! I am so efficient today! :) Jeah told me that the makeup I did for her engagement photo shoot lasted all day & night and that everyone loved it! That made me really happy! She said she'll send me the photos of her engagement photo shoot and also her wedding and I'll post it when it's ready! I apologize for the slight lighting difference in the two~ I shifted positions and of course, the sunlight changes with the time. Below is the before and after of her mother-in-law!

Before and After
I wanted to do a lot more with the mother-in-law but she was in a rush to get out her seat and go to the wedding venue. I tried my best with the limited time given to me. I hope everything went well! I had a pleasure working with Jeah! :) Peace!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kristy's Before & After (Office Look!)

Before and After

I've been gone for two weeks! Did you miss me? j/k! I didn't 'work' during my vacation except this! :) Technically, Kristy is also one of my best friends, but it doesn't mean I cannot force her to sleepover so she can pay me to create a great office look for her! (I'm such a great friend, aren't I! hehe) She says:
"It was such a great pleasure to work with Liz. Not only was she friendly, kind, and fun, she was also skillful and talented! Even though I have mild acne scars, she was able to make my skin flawless. I felt so pretty after being made up. I received many compliments from my coworkers!I truly enjoyed working with her. I highly recommend Skyla Arts for you want to look and feel beautiful."

Anyways, I think Kristy is my biggest supporter (other than my husband, of course!) and regularly checks here to see my latest work. I've actually never applied makeup on her face before even though we've been friends for over a decade (Wow..now I feel old!) and she was laughing at first! and I had to ask if something felt uncomfortable - but it turned out to be my face, [you know, the concentrated-artist-face] and not my work! So it's all good. Before I posted this, I showed her the before and after photo just in case she wanted me to pick a different photo - and she asked if I used photoshop! I'm like: "NO!!.... do you want me to? But it defeats the purpose of the before & after photo!" So no! I did not use photo shop for the acne scars; believe me, it's my super concealing skills acquired from concealing my own acne scars!

:) Have a great weekend!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Jeah's Before & After, and crazy happenings!

Before and After

Yesterday afternoon, I worked with lovely Jeah for her bridal makeup trial, and above is the result! We were just chatting while I was taking care of her eyelashes, and we heard a lot of yelling and shouting outside! At first I thought it was just people arguing, or they are playing a game outside, but as I was touching up her eye makeup after the false eyelashes, I saw SMOKE across the street and then I ran to my kitchen window to view outside, and a car that was parked in the garage one street across my building had caught on fire! I dialed 911, but they had already called the fire fighters...but the fire got to the car's gas tank and sort of exploded; not your Hollywood car explosion, but just pieces of metal falling apart and flames. It got really scary when the heavy smoke was coming - thankfully Jeah stayed really calm and told me to grab my important documents - after I did so, I grabbed two small towels and wetted them; we ran towards the stairs and ran into our apartment manager, who suggested that we stayed indoors due to the smoke. She offered us to stay at her place upstairs, but we'd have to go through the open corridor and face the smoke, so we DARTED into her apartment! After staying there 10 minutes, she was planning to leave but I haven't finished her face & lips! By then the firefighters had put out most of the flames, so we DARTED downstairs and back into my place to finish her look. I think it was the scariest hour of my life! The wet towels really helped us maneuver through the corridors, and we were OK! It doesn't seem like anyone got hurt either since we didn't see any ambulances going by...

The moral of the story is...Please, DON'T FIX YOUR CARS IN YOUR GARAGE! ...It's dangerous! as the oils and chemicals can ignite easily..and this is what resulted...(view directly from my kitchen)

Jeah said, "Well at least this is very memorable!" Oh - what a day! But please don't be scared to come over...!!! My building is still safe!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Marissa's Before and After

Before and After

This morning I worked on Marissa's makeup and hair for a beauty shoot with photographer Stan Tran. Again, to reduce my load, I didn't carry my "camera" with me - but my little Canon Powershot S80 for the before & after photo so it's not as detailed. I thought we would do a makeup change, but instead they preferred the very natural looking makeup and light eyeshadow. The look they requested was inspired by Drew Berrymore's CoverGirl ads. I did end up changing her hair, but didn't manage to snap a photo. But below you can get a glimpse of it - I snuck a "behind the scenes" shot with my iPhone below!

Her skin was a little dry, so we were talking about moisturizers and then! She was really excited when I told her there's The Face Shop here in Koreatown, LA! She just returned from living in Korea, and loved the Korean products. :) Can't wait to see her photos!