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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thumbnails from Photoshoot with Yifei Gu

These are the amazing thumbnails from the shoot with photographer Gu Yifei, Stylist Michelle Tan, and beautiful models, Radilina and Marita. Yifei is still busy editing or working on something, but not to worry, I will post the larger sized photos as soon as I get them! I thought Marita made a beautiful intriguing princess, and Radilina was a very elegant and stern Queen. I loved the lighting for Radilina's photos! I can't wait to see the full version and see how it looks while printed large size! I am lemming a close-up for Radilina's makeup, but these shots are gorgeous~~ :) Until then! Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Spring 2010 Makeup Trends & Makeup Look FOTD

I've been digging around, checking out magazines and looking at the Spring 2010 makeup releases from the major cosmetic companies - This is just what I summarize/think/discovered/my personal opinions; I'm also not saying that you should pay attention to these colors only! This is just fun! ^^"

Some major points that I organized:
  • Colorful pastel eyeshadow colors - multicolored, transparent, and matte or shimmery; not glittery! Pinks/grassy limes/yellows/earthy oranges/smokey purple & plums/any light earthy tones, (light brown, peach, gold)
  • Thicker foundation with matte finish - not the sheer, dewy look. A light bronze glow is nice, but go easy; It's not summer yet!
  • Pink rosy cheeks
  • Matte bold lips - including reds & bright oranges. And! Nude/ pink shimmery gloss
Top Left Photo:
What I did was start off with a yellow/lime eyeshadow with orange on the outer corners of the lid. I used a cream bronze/brown liner, but you could also use a dark metallic green liner to substitute. On my bottom waterline, I made my own bright green liner with MUFE Flash Color Case using green, yellow, white, and a bit of gold. I used some false lashes just to add some volume to my lashes, not length. For foundation, I went for maximum coverage (my favorite kind!) with liquid/cream foundation+concealer+powder foundation. Light contouring, a faint rose blush & highlights on cheekbones/bridge of nose/chin using iridescent white highlighter. For lips, I used a soft nude/pink shade without lipliner, and just topped it with nude/pink gloss. It would be a great daytime look! Although...

Top Right Photo:
Transformation #1! Real simple: I added purples to the outer V area. It would be easier to gently remove some orange to get the maximum amount of purple to show through, but since I was going for 'transparent' and 'multicolored' I just layered it on top. I personally like how it mixes with the orange. Now you have an evening look! Or if you're me who thinks purple is for any hours of the day, you can wear it during the day for special events. I don't find it overly smokey.

Bottom Left Photo:
Transformation #2 - I changed the lip color to a matte dark red (by mixing a matte brown and bright red lipstick) I do think the darker purple eyeshadow can be worn together, but if we are just following spring 2010, then I would say leave out the purple eyeshadow and keep with lighter eye colors. ^^ But I just wanted to keep transforming...lol~

Bottom Right Photo:
Transformation #3 - Glossy red lips. I also saw this look in magazines - and I personally prefer this over the matte because I don't take as much care of my lips so the matte lip is less flattering. But when topped with a clear gloss, it conceals those flaws.

Below is the full face photos of just the first and second eyeshadow transformations. Sorry for the lighting differences! It's hard to just maintain the same camera light settings for me, since I always just mess with it to see if I could get different stuff. I didn't list all the products used because I think Spring 2010 can be achieved without the brand new Spring 2010 collections! But feel free to ask me about specific products! Alright, I hope you enjoyed reading little ole me's view on Spring 2010! :) Hope everyone's having a great holiday season (in order to prepare for a great spring season!)! :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Seasons Greetings!

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year everyone! Stay warm, safe, and fabulous! :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Marita's Before & After + Behind the scenes

Last Friday I had the pleasure to work with the talented photographer Gu Yifei, Stylist Michelle Tan, and beautiful models, Radilina and Marita. Yifei wanted to recreate the oil painting look - above is the before & after of Marita. I was in charge of the makeup for the two ladies and the other artist, Janet took care of the two male models. There was King, Queen, Prince & Princess! Michelle did most of the work with their hair and I assisted by curling and teasing the hair. At first we thought Yifei wanted big hair for both models, but it turns out for Marita, Yifei wanted more "princess curls." We tried our best to undo the teasing, and I think Michelle really saved the day (or the hair!) :) Because parking in SF was pretty stressful for me, once I sat down I got started with Radilina right away and forgot to take her before & after photo! Silly me! Below is a snapshot after she was done with her portion of the shoot. The redness on her nose is due to nose-blowing; so many people were sick on set! Flu/Cold season is really here! I was really proud of Radilina's makeup; my little Canon Powershot doesn't do it justice; I didn't bring my regular camera because I had too many things to carry! I can't wait to see the final photos! I'd like to thank Yifei & Radilina for letting me try out this look I've been wanting to try! I will post the photos when they come out! Until then...!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Featured Photo & Wedding Gallery on Wedplan.net!

For today, Dec 4th, the photo of Kat*'s before & after photo will be the "featured photo" on the front page of WedPlan! Hurray! :) You may click below for the direct link:

It is also featured on Wedplan's facebook page:

I'm very happy to be featured, even if it is just for one day! :)