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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

60s Inspired Mod Makeup Tutorial & Photo Shoot!

I...am afraid to be in front of the camera but somehow I managed to do it!  Thanks to my friend and esteemed colleague Tim Prestoza from Low Tek Studios !  We worked together earlier this year (yes that secret video will be up, soon! woohoo!) on a big project, and this was another BIG project for us.  It is our first time doing a "real" tutorial (please discount my first ever Tutorial which is more like a photo tutorial than a video one).  I'm excited to share it!! :) Watch it in HD!

This is my 2nd time working with Kris - the first time was the beginning of 2011! it feels like so long ago - it was then that Kris told me I should totally do the makeup tutorials and we should do it together! 10 months later, it finally happened!  We were definitely on the same plane of creativity as I already had this look in mind and when I discussed it with Kris she said she wanted to do a 60s mod look and that she loves this type of makeup! :) It all came together!

Tim has been really encouraging - and he even made my arms look thinner! :) During the filming, Kris/Tim and I were having great conversations, talking about this and that and everything~ we had loads of fun! 

Here are the results of our shoot with Rummy Makmur:

Photography: Rummy Makmur (www.rummymakmur.com)
Makeup : Elizabeth Chang (Elizabeth Chang | Makeup & Hair)
Videography: Tim Prestoza (Lowtek)
Model: Kris Jung @ Stars Model Management

and last but not least, the behind the scenes video!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Voted as Staff Favorite from the Camera Ready Cosmetics' Raw Photo Contest!

Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang
Photography: Rummy Makmur
Model: Lauren Loveless @ Stars Model Management SF

If you follow my pages on Facebook, this is probably old news for ya! ;) Recently Camera Ready Cosmetics or CRC, one of my favorite online stores and also where I purchased my FIRST Yaby palette (oh memories...!) hosted a photo contest on facebook - the premise was to submit un-photoshopped photos (Raw Image) and ask people to vote for their favorite image as the first prize, and the 2nd prize is that the staff of CRC will vote for their favorite - and my submission above had the highest votes!  I am really honored to receive this prize - it means a lot to me, to receive votes and support from the artist community!  I was excited and delighted to receive the 2 Embroylisse products: Embroylisse 365 Body Firming Treatment Cream and Embroylisse Essential Dry Skin Balm!

I posted the edited photo during a blog post in August [Click here!]  I am particularly proud of this image, not just because it won some great prizes, but I pushed through in some of the techniques I've been working on, and that it was on trend!

Honestly October and November has been a constant roller coaster - the good is really good, and the bad can be really bad!  The constant change and unpredictability of what your day is like going into a job is exciting and appealing, but the flip side is it comes with these highs and lows.  Which is why when I received the message from Mary (owner of CRC) that I had won, I was just really happy and excited! Brought me from a low to a high and I'm doing my best to stay at the highs - or at least a steady middle ground! ;D  Lol I just re-read this paragraph and it looks like my job is some drug! I have to say though - that's just part of being a part of the creative/beauty industry and the cultural economy. It really helps just to see it like it is - and just go with the flow.

That being said, I am looking forward to my appointments this week, and a marathon of makeup & hair this Saturday for my clients! :)