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Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Leila* & Rummy

Photography: Rummy Makmur
Makeup : Liz (Skyla Arts)
Model: Leila*

More Leila*! Photography by Rummy~!  The top photo is Leisha's pick, and the bottom one is my pick.  :)

It's been a little bit overwhelming here because my husband and I are currently purchasing a property....Which means...A lot of errands/contractors/handyman/packing/unpacking!  But the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel is I'll have an entire room as a studio and facial room! :) Right now I'm using an entire living room area s the studio, and one of the bedrooms as a living room, but now we can have a living room, and a separate studio room!  So excited!!!  It'll probably be ready by November! 

So I was checking if I had any new comments and my followers have decreased from 52 to 51! Oh no! Super sad! lol~!  I've been watching a seminar from a photographer when I can, and she blogs everyday! If I blogged everyday, would I get more visitors and followers? :) If I blogged what sort of topics would people want to read? :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

More Khrystyna!

Photography: Novi Angelomio (Angelomio Photography)
Makeup & Hair : Liz (Skyla Arts)
Model: Khrystyna @ Look

This happened right after the jewelry shoot in June~ I really love the contrast and composition of the first photo!  You know how I love high contrast photos~ ;) Even though the mannequins is a weee bit creepy!  There were some other very sexy ones, but these 2 were my favorites - the second one is sensual & a bit vunerable! 

2 days ago Khrystyna planned and hosted her birthday party in a swanky art gallery in San Francisco!  It was kind of like an art extravaganza, with the artist's artwork and clothing line available for guests to try on and stand in the photo shoot area for a photo shoot.  I provided some lip exfoliation and lipstick touch-up~ (Khrystyna's birthday present!)! I met some great people, and some gorgeous models!  I felt like a big dork for saying it, but I ended up telling models Nikki & Brooke "Wow you are so beautiful!" ^_^|| haha~ Well anyways! I asked the event photographer for permission to post some of the photos he took and when he says OK perhaps I'll share some snapshots of this event! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I'm twirling my thumbs right now because my husband and I put in an offer to purchase a place...basically it's either Yes or No at this point...! I guess I'll find out in 5 hours or so! *fingers crossed!!!*  More exciting photos to come~ ^^