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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Santa Cruz Lifestyle/Teenagers!

Um! It's now Summer - but why am I posting a fall/winter shoot?  :) I am getting senile (yes yes...my birthday is coming up so I have legitimate reasons to say I this) and of course I haven't been posting everything in order!  This past weekend was my second time shooting in Santa Cruz, and it reminded me that I have yet to share these images on the blog! 

Photographed by Sasha Gulish, I did makeup & hair for the 9 teen models from Stars Model Management!   They were all so sweet and energetic!  These are just a few of my faves! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Currently on the Newsstands! {Publications!!}

Earlier this spring, I worked on a look book for a quality clothing company Tart Collections but I haven't seen the images from there...until now!!!  This is a page in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar!!!!  Look for the Gwen Stefani Cover! :) I know it's not the same as having an editorial in there, but...it's still pretty exciting for me...! To see it in Harper's Bazaar! Crazy!!!  I subscribe to 3 magazines in the U.S.: W, Marie Claire & Harper's Bazaar!  Anyway...I am just so thrilled to see an image from that day, and to see it in print = even better!  The beautiful model, Larisa, is just...super gorgeous, and beautiful inside & out!! She doesn't really need any photoshop/photo editing! :P She exercises regularly, and has a passion for cooking! You can check out her blog, Model Eats to learn some unique recipes & get health/beauty tips!

Also currently found on the newsstands, is the Fall 2012 issue of The Knot!  Sorry you have to bear with my terrible iPhone photo shots of the magazines....!  But...for quality images, you can find them at your local newsstand! :D

I worked on the cover+cover story under the Key Artist, Erin Skipley!  I was really excited to assist Erin - I just had a great feeling about her, and without knowing anyone else who also knows her, contacted her via facebook messaging around February of this year, and then ran into her at The Makeup Show in LA!  I then walked over to introduce myself, and because Erin works in Seattle/LA, I knew it will be a long shot to assist her, but when this opportunity came up, I dropped everything and flew to LA for the day!!! It was a long and tough day! (GORGEOUS wedding dress after wedding dress after wedding dress) but I loved every minute of it! ! ! ! ! I was very proud to be Erin's assistant and it was very exciting to meet Elizabeth Messina and all the lovely vendors, AND to be at Smashbox studios! (more Behind The Scenes coming soon!)

If you didn't know my aesthetic already... I looove this type of look! Very bohemian, romantic...and FILM.  I was gushing the whole day!

Here are the list of the participating awesome vendors {I obtained them from Erin's blog!}
Photography: Elizabeth Messina
Makeup & Hair: Erin Skipley {assisted by Elizabeth Chang - me! me!}
Floral Design: Kathleen Hyppolite | Kat Flower
Stylist: Catherine Sheppard | The Life Styled
Decor/Furniture: Jeni Maus | Found Rentals

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Joyce & Jeff {SF City Hall Wedding}

Congratulations to Joyce & Jeff on their intimate San Francisco City Hall Wedding earlier this February!

Special thanks to Misti Layne for sharing their beautiful photos with me!

The happy couple had a long distance relationship until Joyce moved to the West Coast so they could be together! I always find it romantic, when Long-D (long distance relationships) have a happy ending!! 

While I was working on Joyce's hair and makeup, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom got their hair done by Melissa, who fortunately was available to help me out on this early morning! 

After the bridal party was on their way, I took Melissa to breakfast at "A Good Morning" (in Los Altos - very yummy eggs benedict~ mmmm!).  That was when I received the call from Seventeen Magazine about doing makeup for the spread that came out in April!!! I was so surprised and ecstatic - and I was lucky to share the moment with my friend Melissa.  It was a great day all around!!!! I know I am super behind in blogging weddings, but better later than never!!! I'm sure I'll be able to catch-up by Christmas time...Maybe!  Enjoy the photos & have a great evening!! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Model Search Sept 1st, 2012 @ The Village in Corte Madera, CA!

Sorry the flyer was in PDF - so I did a quick print screen - but here is the details:

Stars Models SF is having an open call in search of the next new face on September 1st in Corte Madera @ The Village from 11:30-2:00pm! If you know anyone between ages 13-21 who is interested, be sure to let them know!!! :) :) Get to meet Kristen Kotik (From Scouted!) and the team!

For more info, go to http://starsmodels.com/ and click the GET SCOUTED tab for the details! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sarina After-School-Themed Photoshoot

Super super cute!

Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang
Photography: Sasha Gulish
Styling: Peggi Jeung
Model: Sarina @ Stars Model Management

I was super excited to work with the Sasha & Peggi again!  This shoot starred Kelsie's baby pug dog, Jewel.  

At each photo shoot, something fun usually happens, but this one I enjoyed in particular! Jewel (the adorable pug) was a bit of a diva because Jewel's loyalties are with Kelsie and Kelsie only! The whole scene was super hilarious because Jewel's eyes will follow Kelsie wherever she went, and her face screamed: "Help me help me! This girl I don't know is kissing me!!!!" - That was the face the whole time!! Scroll down to the bottom to see an outtake shot - the GOLDEN moment that Jewel let go of her reservations, and gave Sarina a KISS - from afar! Sasha caught it all on camera! :) :) I laughed so so hard when I saw the film!  Jewel did it unwillingly - you see, her eyes were even closed to block out the emotions - like a kid's first kiss or something!  So adorable! 

Another "lol" moment is the look with the heart-shaped sunglasses...! Sasha turned around to the three of us {Peggi the stylist, Kelsie the studio manager, and myself} and said: "I can see your reflection...you look like the 3 mean girls with your arms crossed."