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Monday, January 30, 2012

Sneak Peak of Emily & Renee's Wedding {Monterey Wedding Makeup & Hair}

Makeup & Hair: Skyla Arts {Elizabeth & Carolyn, assisted by Erika}
Photography: Larry Nordwick / Creative Images Photography

We are excited to see a sneak peak of Emily & Rene's beautiful wedding photos, courtesy of Creative Image Photography!  We also did her bridal party, flower girl and ring bearer, and we can't wait to see the group photos as well!  Carolyn also colored Emily's hair - I really loved her new hair color! I just went WOW when I saw her! Oh and now both Rene & Emily sees Carolyn on the regular basis!  Congratulations again to Emily & Rene! :) From Liz, Carolyn & Erika!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Did you watch season 1 of Scouted on E?

How did a month just slip away, just like that? *snaps finger* I think this may be the busiest January since I moved to the Bay - which is a good thing - but not so much for my little blog! Which is why this is like 3 posts in one post, blogging about *new* work for 2012 and previous work from 2011 that never made an appearance on my blog because I have a bad habit of not blogging chronologically.  I guess that could be a goal for 2012?  Ok! Onward!

Scouted season 1 had its finale last Monday on E!  The show documents scouts from smaller markets and small towns, and submitting them to a scouting company in NYC where the experts put the model to the test on a photo/video test shoot, and then showing the images & presenting the model to Scott Lipps/Owner of One Management. Scott then announces his decision to sign the model.  Each episode features 2 models, and their home town and their lives is also documented on the episode.  We here in the San Francisco Bay Area were very excited for the show because one of the highlighted scouts is Kristen Kotik from Stars Model Management!! It also highlights San Francisco, and as Kristen said: "It puts us on the map!!!" I think it's really great~ considering the recent events of Ford SF closing their office.  Many artists/photographers/models are moving to LA or NYC - it's a bit disheartening BUT I believe that sooner or later San Francisco will return to its former glorious position in the fashion/commercial industry!  How can it not...We have silicon valley - we are the leaders of technology and such a high concentration of creative people! That's my opinion anyways~ =P

If you've been following my blog, then you might know that I love working with Stars & their models!  The models have great hair, great skin, and a great attitude. Oh and they are punctual! :) I first had the pleasure to work with a Star model Mackenzie Drazan back in Jan of 2010 with photographer Laura Tillinghast, who told me all about Stars! But the next Star model would be Jan of 2011, exactly a year later, when I worked with Kris Jung! So Jan of 2012, I was invited by Calvin Ma to do a shoot with Amber Robertson from Utah, who was on the show and now part of the Stars roster!  It was a cool morning, but surprisingly sunny upstairs!  My classroom of 3 months, Cinta Aveda Institute, is one floor down from Stars, so I was very familiar with the building, but it was my first time on the roof top!!! I think Amber has that girl next door appeal/bombshell combo, and maybe she can go as far as a VS angel! She definitely has the looks for it! 

Here is a behind the scenes shot of me fluffing up her hair! I'm into fluffy hair textures these days haha

Photo: Calvin Ma
The one below is my favorite shot of the day!!  I really love the colors! And the two following were my picks! :) There's a few more but I thought I would just post my favorite ones! 

Photo: Calvin Ma
Photo: Calvin Ma
Photo: Calvin Ma
OK! This is PART II - Lindsey was also featured on Scouted.  The previews of that episode really did magnify her morality/ethical contract and portrayed her as a Christian but when you watch it, I think they are great guidelines for a model under 18 to follow - like, no negative influences such as drugs/alcohol, no sheer clothing.  Watching her on Scouted, I was like...what was I like when I was 18?  Thinking about it...Ya know..when I was 18 until my 20s, I was much more outspoken, sometimes a bit too outspoken for my own good because it got me in trouble, and actually didn't benefit me - so I went the complete opposite and became too quiet/reserved/withdrawn; over time, unsure of myself, losing confidence. My goal for 2012 is to really tap into my inner confidence again - find my inner-18 year old, who wasn't afraid to speak her mind!   In regard to the confidence thing, I think I'm making giant strides and it's still only January 24th! I remember last year I'd feel hesitant about walking into a room full of strangers to network with them and feel the need to bring someone along - don't get me wrong, it HELPS when there are familiar faces, but I think I'm getting used to it, and as I find small successes, I will slowly regain the lost confidence back! :D

These are two shots from the 60s inspired fashion story, shot by Calvin Ma & styled by Cindy Tran
Photo: Calvin Ma
Photo: Calvin Ma
Last but not least, CONGRATULATIONS to Alwyn for being signed to One Management in the finale of Scouted! I had a lot of fun with my new Ben Nye color palette that day.  Sometimes, you just feel like playing and doing something new! I was really pleased with the dewy skin, and dewy nose and cupid's bow here!

Photo: Rummy Makmur

OK! The end of a really long post!!! Happy year of the Dragon!!  I hope you enjoyed some of the photos! I'll be sure to blog soon! ;)