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Friday, June 29, 2012

Diana - Beach Photoshoot!

Summer is here indeed!!

Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang
Photography: Sasha Gulish
Styling: Ali
Model: Diana @ Stars Model Management

As usual, I am posting out of chronological order! I figured the last post was wedding related, I shall mix it up with some fun in the sun! 

It wasn't actually that sunny that day out in Marin, but you wouldn't have known because Diana from Stars Model Management brought it with her! 

There were some other great ones, but these are the few that I loved for the blog/website! ;) Actually.....I had SUCH a hard time deciding what photos to use.  Even now as I'm looking at the photos that Sasha (the photographer) chose, the ones that Stars (Diana's agency) chose, and then look at the ones I chose, I'm like..Should I have picked a DIFFERENT one? Oh oh ...! I cannot go through this again! lol. Diana dances a lot in school, and it certainly shows! She moves so well in front of the camera, and just bangs out the poses - click after click it's a good shot.  I guess this has to be a good dilemma to have!!!!  Maybe next month I can post the other beach shoot I did...Actually, expect to see some great "fun in the sun" blogs (or you could take a peak at them on my website...? )

One of the challenges I had to face was doing the hair without the hot tools.  To create the stringy texture, I wanted the stickiness and stay-power, so I went with Aquage Working Spray in order to manipulate the hair without heat & work with her natural texture!

Always a pleasure to work with Team Sasha (which is Sasha and her studio manager, Kelsie) Enjoy some of the photos!

Friday, June 1, 2012

May & Kevin {Cupertino Wedding}

Makeup & Hair: Skyla Arts {Liz & Carolyn}
Photography: Bliss Imagery
Venue(s): Hakone Gardens, Saratoga & Cypress Hotel, Cupertino

A real blog today!!! :)  I'm thrilled to share May & Kevin's photos from November of 2011! May & Kevin tied the knot the same day as my mom & my aunt's birthday (they are twin sisters!) so it's super easy to remember their anniversary for me! 

The bridal party - Kevin's three lovely sisters and May's friend - they were such a dream to work with!  We had a lot of fun when they disclosed May's cheerleading past, and Kevin's modeling contest days! The morning went by so smoothly; the bridal party kept the fun stories flowing, the energy level so positive in the bridal suite that we barely noticed time passing! They came prepared and excited - what more could we ask for??~ 

Looking at these photos, could you tell that May only slept one hour the evening before?  My big sister also only slept one hour the evening before her big day!  Even so, May was busy making sure that Carolyn and I and the bridal party had food & water - we were so touched by her attention to detail and we feel so lucky to have May as our client!  As Carolyn and I were leaving, all we could think about is: "We Love Our Job!" and thanked everyone for being so awesome.  Looking through their film, the couple looked so happy in every photo - it is hard not to have a smile on my face!  

I am all packed for my action-packed 5-day-in-a-row thing! Kicking off my (work) weekend, I'll be doing a lovely bride in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA!  :) Have a lovely weekend!! Until next time...lol! (It may be another few months!)