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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Moving Moving Moving!

Skyla: "Can you take me instead of all that makeup? Please please? I'll help you make money with my cuteness!"
Liz: "Skyla! get outta there~~ ! I have to clean up again! And you hate going outside!"

As you might already know, we are moving from one side of the same city to the next this weekend! (TOMORROW!) And I haven't packed ONE THING. not one. 

I'm very optimistic about October though - I am slowly inching towards advancing in my career - It's been a very exciting September for me.  Even though I still have potential clients who then change their minds about things, I'm feeling better about it and not letting that get to me!  Yay for positive thinking!  :)

So I'll try to update with more substance next time! But in the mean time, please enjoy my cat Skyla being a naughty girl crawling into my makeup kit (my zuca bag!) while I was packing~! ugh gotta clean it after I empty her out! lol~ My friend phoebe was visiting briefly on Thursday as I was packing, Skyla crawled in again and Phoebe decided to zip the bag up and 10 minutes past Skyla didn't make a peep of noise! Which is super odd because this morning when I accidentally closed the door with her still inside the bedroom, she was digging on the door, pawing it and trying to open the door!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Last one of Leila*! :)

Photography: Rummy Makmur
Makeup : Liz (Skyla Arts)
Model: Leila*

Oh oh~ it turns out that in the beginning I had also selected this photo and forgot about it, but Rummy, like a true professional he is, didn't! And I received a pleasant surprise in my mailbox!

My husband and I are taking a break! Well in January we did go to Lake Tahoe for a weekend  with his cool coworkers which was very nice! But it was last July when we went to a vacay by ourselves and for ourselves.  It'll only be really a one day thing, but to FINALLY be able to take a breather amidst this chaos is very nice.  I've been breaking out like crazy due to stress! So a weekend of de-stressing will probably do wonders to my skin~ teehee!  Please please, just let me survive September! !

Monday, September 6, 2010

Good-Buys and Hell-Nos [September 2010]

Good-Buy#1: Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant $20/Jar (the package is slightly different)

This is going to be a confusing review since I consider this a good buy, but then give it a 3 star rating!? The reason being, what this is is basically an upgraded version of your vaseline.  The main ingredient being Petrolatum, a refined form of the black crude oil you see in photos of oil spills...what it essentially does is act as an occlusive agent, blocking the moisture and preventing it from evaporating on your skin. In cold weathers, petrolatum is very useful in protecting our skin. It contains some other ingredients with Vitamin E (antioxidant).  Why I consider it a good buy is (big tip reveal!!) dip a disposable spoolie into the jar to scoop some out, and ask the model/client to brush their lips like they are brushing their teeth, and utilize the emollient properties to heal and exfoliate their lips.  Previously I've tried using a plastic covering and have the ingredients smooth it out, but chapped lips really just needs some moisture and exfoliation.  For really dry skin you can use it in other parts of the body in a thin layer - I often forget, but in beauty shots, cracked dry hands are very unattractive and a horror to photo shop!  You can also apply a little bit on the model/client's teeth to prevent lipstick from transferring to the teeth (especially those sexy red lips...!)  It's a great item to have in your kit - I use a spatula to scoop some out into a disposable jar so I don't have to carry the jar around - but most models responded very positively to the grassy smell of this gel.  A 3/5 rating is the best any of those chapsticks/lip moisturizers are ever going to get from me out of the ones I've tried...it's basically the same old ingredient - a waxy/oily substance blocking the moisture.  Drinking enough water everyday and keeping your body hydrated and filled with nutrients is the only cure to dry and chapped lips!!!!  

Hell-No #1: St. Ives Apricot Scrub for Oily and Acne-Prone Skin $4.29

OK...having Scrub and Acne-Prone skin TOGETHER in a product should be a glaring sign that this is a product that you shouldn't be using!  I rarely review a product without buying it and trying it at home, but I did try it on my hand before and ...well since I'm currently studying esthiology, and seeing clients on the clinical floor, I must say that I feel obligated to write this review.  First of all, the particles are too big and more over uneven edged to be used on your face (it's a perfect scrub for your body!!!!) While you might not feel like it's rough, the motion of scrubbing it on your face can not only create micro-tears that you cannot see, deplete our acid mantle (protective layer of our skin) which means escorting free radicals and environmental dirt and germs right into your skin. That's just if you are fortunate enough to not have open breakouts (infected bulbs - pustules and papules - signs of acne)! If you do have open and active breakouts, with this rough scrub you can open the bacterial sacs and help spread it around your face - and during exfoliation, your pores are open! Not only are you creating a more favorable environment (by removing the acid mantle), you are moving the bacteria from one side of your face to the other. While it contains salicylic acid (winter green extract), there are other salicylic acid face washes out there that help you chemically exfoliate and take care of the dead skin cells to prevent them from clogging your pores and trapping bacteria without hurting your skin.  If you currently own this product, not to worry! It's great for exfoliating the rest of your body (arms, legs, shoulders, knees, chest, back, etc etc!) - the face is just a more delicate area!  Rating:

[Sorry it's been 5 months since my last product review!  :(  But hey...! I've brainstormed all these great blog post ideas!!!  Next post will be more photos of Leisha~! It turns out Rummy edited a few more!  I hope everyone is having a great labor day weekend!!!]