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Friday, February 15, 2013

Danica & Alfred {St. Ignatius Church/Legion of Honor San Francisco Wedding}

Makeup & Hair: Skyla Arts {Liz & Carolyn}
Photography: Nightingale Photography {Christina & Richard}

Please meet my "shimmy shimmy Bride" Danica! Special thanks to Christina from Nightingale Photography for sharing these beautiful images with me. This awesome video highlight is from Christina's blog, where you can see MORE beautiful photos of Danica & Alfred!!!!

I love this video by Nightingale Photography!! Makes my eye water a little every time! I love their story, and I love the editing here!

I was introduced to Danica via my bride Jill! They were co-workers, and when Danica saw Jill's photos on her handheld digital camera, Danica decided to sign the contract with me right away, even though her wedding was almost a year away at the time! I thought that was awesome....! But even more crazy is I received over 11 more inquiries for Danica's date!  It's fate I guess that we got to do Danica's wedding! :)

I felt even more honored when I found out that Danica wanted a more glamorous look, something that I didn't already showcased in my portfolio.  She trusted in me in my artistry enough to know without a doubt (without seeing any glamorous makeups, without trying me out!) to send me the contract and retainer fee!!!  During our consultation, we did a smokey eye, but Danica realized she wanted more, and on the day-of, she requested 2 sets of faux lashes, and asked Carolyn to add the hair extensions!  Even my teammate Carolyn was surprised because she has never seen me do a glamorous look like this before, after working with me for so long!

Carolyn and I also 'glammed' up her mom (who also wore 2 sets of faux lashes!), and a few of her bridesmaids; the rest of her bridesmaids were glammed up by her family members! It was a lot of love and positive energy in the getting ready suite at the Hyatt, and....I will never forget this...! After Danica got in her dress and Christina was snapping away, I looked over to snap some photos of her with my phone, and I see Danica doing the Shimmy!  This is why I call her my shimmy shimmy bride! She was feelin' the whole thing!!! She was feeling great, and her happiness was so contagious!!!  Carolyn and I left with a huge smile on our faces, all the way until we drove home!  :) Just wanted to emphasize that even though a glamorous style is not 'my' personal style, it doesn't mean I don't find it beautiful or I don't know how to execute it! What's MOST important is that the client, the bride, looks & feels the most beautiful!!!!  Brides that Shimmy = unforgettable! <3 p="">
Please enjoy a few highlights from Danica & Alfred's wedding!