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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Inspirational Trip to The Makeup Show Los Angeles

A brief update! Not too long ago I just returned from The Makeup Show Los Angeles to pick-up some essential makeup and hair tools, take some inspirational classes by seasoned & famous makeup artists, receive priceless portfolio reviews and critiques from industry experts, and finally I got to work with film fashion photographer Matt Edge whom I've hoped to work with for a while now!  The whole trip was filled with lots of inspirations! From the classes, to reconnecting with familiar faces (it's like a mini-pro artist family reunion!!), meeting for the first time artist I've been in touch with for a while and recognizing/spotting them, and chasing them down to say hello!!!  :P And now I am getting ready for my lovely brides this weekend!

I started 2012 just hitting the ground and just work work work...and I was starting to feel a little burnt out already. And it's March! Even though my LA trip was a bit exhausting ("Only" 19 hours of driving in a 5 day span!), and not to mention driving in LA lol...  -  I do feel that my "creative" batteries have been recharged.  I also got to visit my family in LA - which was great. It was also cool to see that the building that burnt down across my old apartment in LA (Yes, the one where my sweet, beautiful bridal client Jeah was getting her makeup trial done, and suddenly we saw heavy smoke heading our way!!!) being rebuilt and re-inhabited, and that a new and DELICIOUS Korean BBQ place has opened around the corner where I used to live.  

I am just filled with gratitude that The Makeup Show and The Powder Group are around to continuously provide education, support, and also, building our community.  I can't even tell you how nice it feels to be with people who know and understand support you.  In the creative industries or any other industry actually, unfortunately there are always going to be unprofessional people who treat you badly.  Even if you think you are in the "right," there's no referee or anything like that, and there's no point to argue with unprofessional people.  It just gives you perspective on how to avoid working with them in the future, or how to handle it graciously, and move on from negativity.  Fortunately, we have positive energies - like our local makeup artist community to support each other, and events like The Makeup Show to meet true professionals, and of course - there are people who are not only professional, but inspirational!!! Those are going to be the people we should focus our energies on!!!

And I shall end this personal reflection post with some behind the scenes images with my shoot with Matt, and Ford Model Thais (from Brazil!), and Alison who styled the shoot! :) It was a great pleasure to work with everyone, and I'm really excited to continue my 2012 year!!!!  :D Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sue & Jeff {Mountain Winery / Saratoga Wedding}

I'm very excited to share the photos from Sue & Jeff's wedding last fall at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga! :) You may remember seeing their engagement photos

Sue was so much fun to work with! For her big day, I was lucky to have my friend & colleague Michelle on the team to beautify the bridal party (including Sue's mom!)  I was very excited when Sue decided to go with the hair piece by Bonnie from One World Designs (link provided below). I had a feeling that Sue would like it - and when she saw it in my studio when I was doing her engagement makeup & hair - I was like Yay! Because knowing the description of her dress and the feel that she wanted to go for, I knew we had a match! ^o^I love head to toe looks! 

I loved so many of the photos taken by uber talented Meg Perotti - and please enjoy a few that I pulled from Meg's blog! :)

List of vendors:
Makeup & Hair: Skyla Arts {Liz & Michelle}
Hair Accessory: One World Designs {Lily Flower Feather Fascinator}
Photography: Meg Perotti
Wedding Coordinator: Amazae Special Events
Florist: Huckleberry Karen Designs
Venue: Mountain Winery