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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Z-life Magazine Publication{winter 2012}

Photography: Laura Tillinghast
Photography Assistant: Rebecca Herem
Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang (me!)
Model: Hannah + Jana @ Stars Model Management

I've been meaning to try Zumba for a while, more so after these two assignments for Z-Life Magazine!  Coincidentally, I received these photos today, and I also received my Zumba Fitness Xbox game in the mail!!  Now that my husband and I FINALLY installed curtains, I won't have to feel self conscious about my neighbors looking in while I attempt to work out a sweat in my living room! ;)

I was very very excited to get an opportunity for a tear sheet that features "beauty" work and we got to do 2 different features (one for the serum, the other for the hair chalking technique!!!)  I was pleased to see that it was also the first story in the issue!!! yay! I look forward to work with this magazine again and of course, trying Zumba!  For the serum shot, my left hand is in the shot (lol! my first shoot as a 'hand model'! lol!!!) and Rebecca was holding the serum droplet!!  It was a lot harder than it looked but we were able to get the shot under Laura's expert guidance!!  Laura did an amazing job with...everything!!! Planning the shoots, casting the PERFECT models, and then - the beautiful product shots!!! Bravo bravo!! I can't feel more proud of the spread!!! Not shown here, but there was a product shot that featured a REAL LIVE SNAKE!!!  Click to see it! I think that is pretty rad!  :) :) :)

On the personal note....

I'm heading to LA next week for a job, and the job continues the following week here in the Bay - and  after the job completes, I head to NYC for a destination wedding!  I don't know...my goal of catching up with blogging doesn't seem to be a realistic one...! You may also notice that I seem to prefer to blog the commercial/print work that I do, versus the 37+ weddings I haven't gotten around to!!! I hope you don't think that I prefer one type of work over the other because of this!!! The truth is, blogging about my lovely brides and their handsome grooms requires more time commitment, and also I am still collecting the photos from spring/summer weddings. My beloved iMac is also reaching the end of its rope....! And I'm having trouble updating my gallery on my bridal page...which brings me to... my new bridal website that will launch Spring of 2013!  I will begin working with a webdesigner/developer this coming month!  It's very exciting but wow...I was thinking Nov/Dec will be a nice down time for me, but it didn't end up happening that way.  I hope I don't sound like one of those people who goes "I am just SO busy...SO busy" and it gets annoying.  You know the type!!!  :P  But I have to say my plate is quite full, and I feel very blessed to be busy (even though I do whine about it when it gets a little overwhelming!!), working in an industry that I love.  In the meantime, if you would like to see sneak peaks of bridal photos, please like & follow the Skyla Arts Facebook Page.  I also have a Commercial Facebook Page, Elizabeth Chang | Makeup & Hair, dedicated to sharing commercial/print/photoshoot work.  Lastly, I'm active on Instagram and post behind the scenes snapshots and of course...my cat Skyla, and occasionally the food I'm eating :)

Yesterday I did a bridal preview/consultation with a lovely bride-to-be, and she asked how many weddings I did/am doing this year, and I said: "I think it's 40 or 41" and she thought that was a lot!  Definitely a lot more than last year!  But I know of colleagues that do 60+, or 100+! I had a conversation with them about it...I ask them..."How do you manage??!!"  Next year I will feel so lucky & honored if 40 brides choose me for their big day! I'm just hoping that next year will be even better than this year!  And by that I don't mean I hope to get more than 40 brides! :P Truly truly...to my clients who hired me, if I haven't said it enough, THANK YOU! Yes yes...This is a belated Thanksgiving post! :P :P 

Until next time!!! *smiles*

I just wanted to post this bec

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Makeup & Hair for Pottery Barn Teen 2012 Holiday {Sleepover!}


I seem to find my work through Instagram a lot!  Karyta, the beautiful model on the left (from Brazil & represented by Scout SF) had posted the photo of her for the Sleepover sale on her Instagram account! Eventually, with her assistance, I was able to locate where the full size image was through the PB Teen website (I clicked on the product, and this photo was the last 'view' of the product!), and I also the spread of the catalogue!  The other beauty on the right, is Alina at Cast Images!

I'm always excited to see my work, whether it is bridal or the commercial/print stuff! I love my job! ;)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Makeup & Hair for Tart Collections Winter+Holiday 2012

It finally feels like Winter here in the Bay Area! I am excited to share these images that I did the makeup & hair - I worked on the on-location ones and not the in-studio photos of the look book.  It took place in a beautiful historical home for Tart Collections Winter/Holiday 2012 look book.  I was pleasantly surprised that the above image from our shoot also ran as an advertisement, first in September's Collector's edition of Harper's Bazaar, then again in the 40th Anniversary Edition of W Magazine! I found out about Harper's Bazaar in August through Tart Collection's facebook/instagram page, but the W Magazine was the huge surprise for me - like a shock wave.  I was just browsing my magazine casually...and BAM it was there! I know and understand that having an ad run in the print is not the same as having the cover & cover story or a full-blown editorial featured in W or Harper's Bazaar, but seeing it in print was still an emotional experience for me, particularly because I actually subscribe to these two magazines and of course, aspire to be featured in it! It is particularly surreal because I am so used to seeing the glossy ads, and I was admiring the perfect ad for Dolce & Gabbana makeup ad featuring Scarlett Johansson and showing my husband how perfect it looks...It really is shocking to be in the same magazine, printed really really big!  The gorgeous model is Larisa from Stars Model Management SF.  

You can see the entire lookbook here - and also found on the website is a little behind the scenes video of the on-location day. If you look closely you will find me combing her hair and watching the set.  I'm truly grateful for the people who are willing to give me a chance and do work that I love doing....! Hopefully I will get to do more soon...! ;) 

I have 2 weddings left for 2012, and I'm excited to take it easy (well, easier...!) and prepare for an exciting 2013 ahead.  I do plan to catch-up on everything I missed blogging in 2012...! We'll see how well I do! 

In the mean time, if you follow me on Instagram, you can find out what I've been up to! Some behind the scenes, snapshots of recent brides, cat photos and other funny captures.