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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Young Love {lifestyle}

Photography: Angie Silvy
Styling: Peggi Jeung
Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang
Models: Cameron Lee @ Look SF & Hanna @ Scout SF

Here I go again - blogging out of order! I just settled for the fact that I will probably not be able to blog about everything I do, because there's so much to do, and I want to be able to enjoy everything instead of viewing it as a chore or some task I must do!  I just got back from a brief week-long vacation in Kauai, HI with my husband. We have not gone anywhere together since we tied the knot - not even on our honeymoon.  Definitely a huge reward for us to save up and go somewhere! I have to say it's really hard to go from working 60-80 hrs to less than 1 hr a week - to leave your cellphone alone and not touch it - but I think I was doing pretty ok on that! ;) ;) While away, I was just laying by the beach or the pool reading frivolous books - and I mean these historical regency romance novels! As I was organizing the latest images from my portfolio, I couldn't help but notice that these photos from a series titled "Young Love" by photographer Angie Silvy can totally fit into a hilarious & entertaining narrative that summarizes into a romance novel.  :P So I'll be providing these funny captions for your entertainment! Or you can ignore it and just check out the lovely photos! :)   I was thrilled to work with such an awesome team of professionals! Can't wait to work together again some time in the future! xoxo

Here goes..the story of Lord Cameron and Miss Hanna...(LOL)

The "season" just began, and the noble/worthy "ton" who were fortunate to receive an invitation to Lord Cameron's  month-long soiree at his Golden Gate Estate, arrives and participates in a game of croquet.     

Of course - all of the ladies wanted to capture the attention of the young & handsome, wealthy successor of the title, and of course - the most eligible bachelor, Lord Cameron! Always impeccably dressed and dashing, it's no surprise he is always surrounded by the ladies.  However, if you notice carefully, his usual confidence always wavers subtly as his childhood playmate, the stubborn and stunning Miss Hanna, walks into the scene.

C: "Do you even know the proper position of handling a mallet? Do you need me to show you again?"
H: "I can handle it just fine! Don't touch me!" and she thinks - how can he be a bigger pompous ass than he was last year? Despite their facade of antagonism, they soon realized they were attracted to each other...so they planned a stroll in the forest... 

And a picnic on the lawn - without a chaperone! How scandalous!!!! If anyone found out about it, Miss Hanna's reputation will be utterly ruined, and she can only settle to be someone's mistress!!! 

Still, the battle of wills persist, as the free-spirited Hanna never enjoyed being a proper "Lady" - but if she were to marry Lord Cameron, she would have to follow the strict social etiquette as befits her new status.  
Or... she continue to be her free-spirited self, but risk being a *gasp* spinster and a lasting shame to her family! Faced with the pressure to produce an heir, and admitting his love for Miss Hanna, on one fine afternoon, they decide to enjoy each other's company during a picnic!
And..came to decide that they indeed loved each other, and that they shall elope...! And! create a relationship / marriage that's reformed and will work for the two of them! 

The End~~~ :D :D :D 

*one more of beautiful Hanna!

Have a lovely week ahead! ;) ;)