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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chloe & Amanda on the beach!

Is summer really over??

Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang 
Photography: Sasha Gulish
Models: Amanda & Chloe from Stars SF

I am definitely feeling the fall coming, especially in the mornings and evenings!  Don't let these sunny photos fool you - it was a little chilly by the beach!  I think this was Feb/March time.  

It was amazing that Amanda's natural hair texture was exactly what we were going for so all I did was just smooth it out a little bit with a tiny bit of cream to prevent any frizzy fly-aways!  Beachy hair is supposed to be more loose/undone, but we still want the 'mess' to look intentional and not just simply...mess!  Chloe (in the polka dot bikini) came in from Arizona (OK...if it wasn't Arizona it's close by!) and I did her hair in the car!  

I was using my trunk as a table, and I pulled out my makeup chair for them to sit!  A pair of older ladies drove by and asked Kelsie (Kelsie is Sasha's studio manager) and myself: "Is that a REAL makeup chair? Where did you buy it?" And after I said: "Los Angeles" they just drove off!! At this shoot, we had a special visitor! Kristen, their agent from Stars, stopped by and said hi!

It was challenging to select the film from this shoot, but in the end, I ended up with these 4 images that I love!  The girls were bringing it! Running down the beach, doing some cart wheels, and even interacting with strangers while modeling (not shown here obviously lol...!) 

I used Stila's One-Step Primecolor in "Kitten" on Chloe's lids, and "Pop of Pink" on the lips and cheeks. On the cheeks it was followed by Yaby Blush BL0015+BL001 for a natural coral/pink color that shows up nicely against the blueish-colored sunlight.  If you don't balance the color, it will wash out!  

In October, my husband and I are finally going on our first 'real' vacation! That means, the trip is JUST for relaxing and resting...no agenda (ie: attend a wedding etc etc)!  In fact, we have not gone on our honeymoon yet....but we've already been married 4 years (since 9/19 last week!) so it's too late to call it a honeymoon! lol...

Next week is action-packed for me! But I'm grateful to be working for sure!!! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and an awesome week ahead! 

*dreaming of sunny beach days....~~~~ our vacation cannot come soon enough!*

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mindy and Robert {San Francisco City Hall Wedding}

Makeup & Hair: Liz @ Skyla Arts
Dress: San Patrick @ BoLee Bridal
Photography: IQphoto

Congratulations to Mindy & Robert! This lovely couple tied the knot in San Francisco City Hall in February 2012!  Mindy phoned me to inquire about my services, and I was pretty surprised to find out that her wedding date is less than a week away, right after Valentines Day! When she came in for the consultation, I had asked her about her dress, and she told me she was on her way to Nordstroms after our appointment to try to find something. I immediately suggested my preferred vendor, BoLee Bridal Couture in Sunnyvale, CA. Mindy's folks live in China, and could not long distant flight, and even though they are having a City Hall Ceremony, I thought that she would still love for the day to be ultra special!  I think the dress definitely was definitely the magic item, that Jon the hero of the day made happen! 

Even though the timeline to get a gown would seem like mission impossible, (6 days!) it turns out that the owner Bo, had ordered an extra size 6, a "just in case" dress, for a last minute bride!  Their in-house tailor, Jon, worked miracles, and gave up his Valentines Day plans to finish the dress so that Mindy could have her beautiful San Patrick gown fitted to her petite body!!! I did not know all of this was going on until I arrived bright and early at the apartment to get Mindy ready!  

IQphoto did a phenomenal job capturing the couple and the beautiful dress! The portrait photo of Mindy standing by the window with (above photo to the right!) is just one of my favorites! :) Of course I'm a little biased because it also showcases my hair work ;P  Special thanks to Joseph from IQphoto who was patient to let me choose the photos to share on my blog and website! 

Initially during the consultation, we did an up-do with more details and texture in the back, but that was before Mindy found the dress! So she had emailed me and told me that because there is that ruffling/train detail, she thought it would be best to keep the hair in a more simple chignon, and showed me a photo of Tina Fey at the Sag Awards 2011, and I completely agreed with her decision! :) I of course love brides who know what they want and love! I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did when I first got them from Joseph @ IQphoto!

I am excited to finally start the process of blogging the weddings from 2012 & to share all of beautiful brides earlier this year! Stay tuned! :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ashley Beauty Story

Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang
Photographer: Laura Tillinghast lauratillinghast.com
Model: Ashley Ying @ Look Model SF

After planning out this beauty story, our original model had a last-minute emergency and couldn't make it. We still had all of the lighting equipment, so we decided to do the shoot anyway. I posted on my Facebook asking if any models were free at short notice. Thankfully, Ashley rescued the day and could come instead! We changed the concept a bit to fit Ashley's skin and the lighting, and got some beautiful photos! Ashley is a really good beauty model to work with and really knows how to pose well for the camera. Since September is here...I guess it's time to post some Fall Colors? 

We went to Michael's to get the materials for the various hair accessories. I used lip tars from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics for the lip looks. I really like the braided look on Ashley. Considering the last-minute changes, we were really happy to come out with some good images from this shoot! Check out the other photos!

This week = swamped! And Tomorrow is the Trudys Bridal Show!! I'm looking forward to it, and also looking forward to next week! 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Trudy's Bridal Show 9/16/12 + Sneak peak!

A sneak peak from Savannah + Brice's wedding in V. Sattui Winery in St. Helena!

Photography by the amazing XSiGHT in Sacramento!

So much to catch-up on...! But as I am working every possible work-day in September....I will have to play catch-up in October/Nov/December time! Lots of blogs to come! :) :) :) Right now I'm focused on surviving+excelling on every single job & gig this month! 

For 2013 brides in the Bay Area+Beyond, I'll be at my first larger scale Bridal Show - the Trudys Annual Outdoor Wedding Faire at the Pruneyard Shopping Center in Campbell, CA this Sunday September 16th!  There are raffle prizes and tons of goodies.  If you are getting married next year or know a friend who is getting married, it'll be a great place to look for vendors!  I am working at Turbo-Speed to get ready for this faire! 

I look forward to meeting beautiful brides+grooms-to-be there!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!