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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

*New* Makeup & Hair work!

Model: Rachel @ Ford SF
Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts)
Photography & Styling: Audre Van Broers Photography

This is my first time working with Audre, and I was really looking forward to the shoot.  She is really awesome at styling and photography! Audre is one of the few photographers I know that does both fashion and wedding photography. I really loved the synergy throughout the whole shoot, and we completed the shoot very efficiently.  I really enjoyed trying out the strong eyebrow look - I thought it would look good with some of the outfits. The changes in the 2.5 makeup looks were subtle, and we did 4 slightly different hair looks.  Can you tell that I had loads of fun?? :)

Sometimes I put a lot of pressure on myself because there are goals I want to achieve, or the client has very specific requirements, and I am racing with the clock - in those situations it's just like any other type of job out there - work.  I'd say  it happens about 50/50, but the other times, I can't believe how quickly time went by because work is very enjoyable! And I tend to prefer blogging about those times, too~! :)  I love making people look & feel beautiful, whatever the occasion. When the client is happy, I get all giddy too! While I worked really hard last weekend, I was super happy through it all, and I need to remember that feeling and let it help me get through challenges I might face in the future...!

Anyways...! I am running out of my comp card (the 4x6 post cards we give out in our industry, mostly artists and photographers) and I think I am going to put one of these on my new comp card! I am excited to have new images on there! :) I think I might make one for my makeup/hair, and one for my photography now - before they were combined just for the ease of passing out one card, but I think because of how separate my target clients are for the 2 categories, it really makes sense to make 2!

Ok ok, enough of me babbling! I hope you enjoy the photos and that everyone had a great memorial weekend! 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Beautiful Morgan + Hair accessory Rental!

Model: Morgan @ Stars SF
Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts)
Photography: Rummy Makmur
Makeup & Hair Assistant: Erika Taniguchi

For Bridal makeup, it is trendy to enhance lashes (false lash application) or use an airbrush - but I love love the natural clean look.  It's my style (and it's apparent) but that doesn't mean I cannot deliver smokey eyes for bridal as well! It all depends on what the client wants, and what would look good on them.  I give a lot of options, but sometimes my clients prefer if I just do it on them! ;) 

I am excited to announce that as part of my bridal and special occasion service, I will be providing accessory rentals! Instead of it being an extra expense, renting an accessory is a fraction of the cost.  The only thing I require is a security deposit that I will return to you in its entirety once the accessory is returned safely.  The one on the model is one of my favorites~ I didn't think of myself as a feather person, but as long as it's small and tasteful, I like it on an accessory.

Early rise tomorrow for a wedding gig tomorrow! I knew this was going to happen - spring/summer/early fall months are always the busiest in my industry, but the pace of life went from relatively balanced to woaahhh it's been over a week since my last 'day off'!  Hope everyone is having a lovely memorial day weekend!  :) 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Behind the Scenes [Beauty & Hair Editorial Story]

Model: Morgan @ Stars SF
Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts)
Photography: Rummy Makmur
Wardrobe Stylist: Andrea Schultz Igreja
Makeup & Hair Assistant: Erika Taniguchi

Is it me, or is it getting HOT in here? :P  Rummy approached me about submitting to an editorial and I thought...we need a stylist! Fortunately, Andrea whom I've worked with previously came to the rescue! The focus of the editorial is hair accessories, and the theme is the model needs to look hot/bothered/frustrated. & of course sweaty! This photo shoot took place at my humble abode, and I had to REALLY clean my kitchen hard core - it was my own idea to best utilize the cool colors of my kitchen to contrast the neon colors for the wardrobe and makeup.  I have to say...my kitchen never looked so good...and it would never look so good again without gorgeous Morgan sitting on it!  I loved Morgan's look and her energy.  She goes for it, and has a positive aura around her and a pleasure to work with! 

The challenge is to make Morgan look sweaty - but it was actually a cool evening. Not only did we crank up the heat, my special formula to create the "sweaty look" worked fairly well I must say! woohoo!  Since it was an evening shoot, we were running short on time towards the end of the evening - The first look in the photo above (top left), was for my book - I had purchased some hair accessories for bridal and was eager to put it up in a photo, and special thanks to Rummy & Morgan for allowing me to put my vision into reality.  With editorials, sometimes you really have to look at the concept, and the wardrobe, and decide on the spot what you wanted to do for the makeup & hair.  Because of the bright colors, I decided to play with my OCC lip tars that I had purchased from The Makeup Show in LA, and went for a gorgeous orange shade. Morgan had long and voluminous hair, which is exciting to work with, but I decided on the spiral curls which was time consuming. We changed from up-do, to bohemian-chic curls, to sexy teased mane, to side pony, to side fish-tail braid.  We really rocked it, team! :) *high five* Special shout out to Erika, my talented assistant for this shoot! Because I don't have curtains installed, I wondered if my neighbors could peer in, and I wondered what they would think: "Wow there's a GORGEOUS girl sitting on her counter top...not the usual Asian lady cooking in the kitchen today" lol.....! This story will be out in June! Stay tuned for more of beautiful Morgan! 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Georgiou & more!

Hair & Makeup for http://www.georgioustore.com/

I had the pleasure to work with model Jana (left) twice, and Nicole (right) last time for the catalogue shoot! I was half-way done with Jana's hair here in the little behind the scenes shot I took with my phone! It's nice to see the end product on the website all together.  I've been suffering from a cold - it's hard not to get sick after traveling and having been in contact with a lot of people who had a cold!  :( I've been doing everything I can to recover, because I've got a busy work weekend! Today is like my 'weekend'~ errands, etc! I gave my cat Skyla a surprise bath after clipping her nails! She did not appreciate it at all, but after a while, she was happy to dry up by lounging in front of the space heater! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Beautiful Bride Jill! [San Francisco Bridal Makeup & Hair]

Makeup Artist: Liz
Hair Stylist: Carolyn

Congratulations to Jill & Walter!  We feel honored to be a part of your big day!

Jill was referred to me by Manya K from Southern California who worked with Jill when Jill was a BM in a wedding down in SoCal! Because I was referred by Manya, Jill decided to forgo the trial - it was our first time meeting each other on her big day! :) The before & after was snapped while Carolyn was styling the hair for Jill's girls, and the photo of her girls was snapped before their hair was done! Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the 3 of them all done up, but  we will receive photos from JM Productions, the photographer & videographer! 

Jill was also so kind to write me a review on my Yelp page (copy & pasted below!):
"Thank you Liz and Carolyn so much for making us look so beautiful! Everything was perfect :) I got many compliments on my hair & makeup!! Best of all, it lasted ALL day and night. Most importantly, I let the tears run during our ceremony buy my face stayed intact thanks to Liz! 
Thanks to Liz and Carolyn I achieved the look I wanted and they helped make our day picture perfect :)
Our 8 and 14 year old daughters' hair and makeup was done, too, and they looked beautiful! They made their hair and makeup look just right for their age and they both loved it!" -Jill
We look forward to seeing their beautiful wedding photos! ^.~