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Sunday, November 28, 2010

"The Ultimate Tailgate" - Tommy Hilfiger/Macy's/Third Eye Blind Event @ Union Squre, San Francisco

I mentioned this a few blog posts ago in October that I was one of the lead makeup/hair artists for a Tommy Hilfiger/Macy's fashion event held in Union Square! Today I am finally going to blog about it! You can also click here to read a brief article about this event on the SF Gate (San Francisco Chronicles) website!  I was referred to Ford Artists by Lisa Strutz, who is represented by Ford Artist - and that's how I became involved in this event as a lead artist! I was very excited, even though I knew little about what I was getting into because all I was told was that it was a fashion show in SF for Tommy Hilfiger and a 'real fashion show' is something not yet on my repertoire of experiences because you need contacts and a lot of the times, agency representation (which I am actively working on! ^o^).  Not knowing how many models and what type of hair/makeup to do upon arrival to the area designated for hair and makeup at Macy's, I was there early (due to the morning commute from the South Bay to San Francisco! traffic is a horror so I always have to beat the traffic and go earlier!) and talked to the stylists and they informed me that we were going to reproduce "The Hilfigers" - the Fall/Winter 2010 campaign ads and I cheered in side because it was not anything crazy, and in the style that I personally like! (Lifestyle, light makeup, sophisticated!) So here's the fun part - below I posted the ad itself, and then match the outfits to the appropriate model! :D The only one that's missing, Allie from Look Model's corresponding "Hilfiger" is Jacquelyn and her outfit is not pictured in this particular ad! You can also find the ad and introduction on the Tommy Hilfiger "Meet the Hilfigers" website!

Our work in Union Square, with Tommy Hilfiger in the middle.
Photo credit: Sandra Garcia for Drew Altizer 

Lead Artists: Janet Mariscal, Me!, Lisa Strutz @ Ford Artists, and Raul Anthony @ Ford Artists
It was a huge pleasure working with these talented and amazing people!
Photo credit: Janet Mariscal
I started off the day with Alana's @ Look Models makeup and hair, and then it turns out that each lead artist had a perspective assistant!  That kind of stressed me out at first because it surprised me (since I didn't know what to expect!), but 15 minutes, I saw two of the assistants just walking around, and I grabbed Kat, who was an amazing assistant, and the rest of the 90 min of work went mostly smooth sailing! :D After, I proceeded with Garret @ Look's hair, Sam @ Ford's makeup/hair, Ji Son @ Look makeup, and helped finish Alexis @ Look! Weee super fun and productive!!! It was actually a warm day in San Francisco, so I felt bad for Sam with the big big red/black scarf!
Line up! Sam on far right and Alana next to him.
Photo credit: Janet Mariscal
Meet & Greet @ Macy's - Tommy Hilfiger & Third Eye Blind!
Photo credit: Kat
The models had to walk around in their outfits and pass out flyers for the event in Union Square while Tommy Hilfiger and Third Eye Blind had a meet and greet at Macy's!  One funny thing that happened was at first we didn't know who the red carpet and security guards were for, and so Janet went over and asked one of the body guards, wondering who he is protecting...Janet asked: "So whose coming???" and he responded with: "Um...the customers?"  puahahaha we were laughing so hard!  Then Janet told me to quickly go to Union Square to see the models 'on set' (so this is the Fashion Show part! hehe) at Union Square, with the vintage cars, the Tailgate props (including a rugby/football, sodas! and benches)!  It was super super cool! :D
Sam @ Ford, Allie @ Look (Allie's Makeup/Hair by Janet)
Photo credit: Janet Mariscal
Recognize Allie from the underwater photo shoot? :) She looks SUPER Hilfiger in her outfit! So nice to see her again!
Touching up Alana's lipstick in Union Square!
Photo Credit: Erika Taniguchi
Ji son @ look (Makeup by Me, Hair by Erika Taniguchi!)
Photo Credit: Erika Taniguchi
Aliie getting her boots adjusted by stylist! Ryan @ Look to the left! You might recognize him on my website! :) Blog post coming soon!
Photo Credit: Erika Taniguchi
Ji son and Allie @ Look in character, 'lifestyle' mode! :)
Photo Credit: Erika Taniguchi
AWESOME Panoramic View!
Photo Credit: Erika Taniguchi
Ji son and Allie @ Look in character, 'lifestyle' mode! :)
Photo Credit: Erika Taniguchi 
Photo Credit: Erika Taniguchi
Another great panoramic view! :D
Photo Credit: Erika Taniguchi
Photo Credit: Erika Taniguchi
Photo Credit: Erika Taniguchi
And then, very soon Mr. Hilfiger came on set after the signing ended, and made his rounds through all the cars with the entourage (body guards and media) yeayy it was very cool! :D

Photo Credit: Janet Mariscal
Photo Credit: Janet Mariscal
I didn't say for the Third Eye Blind concert because I had other obligations, but I heard it was a great event! :) There are seats designated for people who spent money at Macy's to get VIP seating, but if you were just hanging out in Union Square, you could still enjoy the concert! I wish I could have stayed! THIRD EYE BLIND! WEEE!

This became a bit of a long post, but I must end by thanking  Ford Artists by Lisa Strutz for the referral, Erika Taniguchi (who was one of the hair assistants and styled Ji Son's hair) as well as artist Janet Mariscal and my assistant Kat, for these wonderful photos to capture the entire event!!!  Erika is a very talented graphic designer, and she inspired me to purchase a better point/shoot/purse-sized digital camera so that in the future when I'm on set, I won't have to take STUPID IPHONE photos!!! It was also a huge pleasure to work along side Lisa, Janet, and Raul Anthony! :) YAY!  More fun posts to come so stay posted! :D

Friday, November 19, 2010

Purchase a Gift Certificate from Skyla Arts for your loved ones - In time for the HOLIDAYS!

Are you following my BlogTwitter, Yelp & Facebook by the way?  Because if you are and pay attention, perhaps there might be a special deal coming up, oh...say...next week for a limited time only? ;) I COULD be sneaky and post a slightly different deal on the different ones - but I guess you never know unless you are following me! ;)

The gift certificate will be mailed or emailed to your friends & family in the Bay Area! For out of town guests, they would need to redeem the service in the Bay Area (California!)!  

Here are the details and restrictions for Skyla Arts' Gift Certificate:

Expiration: The Gift Certificate does not expire! :)
Payment: $50 minimum purchase; tender accepted through check or PayPal.  Email and phone number is required for the transaction.
Restrictions: The certificate is non-transferable and must be presented at the time of the service with an ID; at least one of the recipients' name must be on the gift certificate.
Delivery: Once Skyla Arts receives payment, the certificate will be mailed out to your recipient OR you can opt for a personalized one delivered via email!  
Booking: Appointments are based on availability and are first come first serve basis.  If you are booking a service using the certificate, a deposit is not required for in-studio services.  For on-location services, same policies apply. 
Travel: Travel fee policies remain the same and will applied for on-location services.  Package details and policies for photography and on-location makeup application remains the same. For out of town guests, they would need to redeem the service in the Bay Area.

Services Available for Booking as of 11/19/2010

Make-Up  (Hair upon request)
Special Occasion, Bridal Trial, Private Makeup Lessons, Makeup/Hair for all photo shoots

Natural Headshots, Boudoir, Family/Maternity/Pets, Engagement/Couples, Lifestyle

Skin Care
Details TBA end of December! ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yael Designs Photoshoot Part I

Remember in June I had a blog post with behind the scenes at a photo shoot with Laura Tillinghast and Yael Designs? I am finally blogging the final photos.  There were so many from the set that I loved! But due to time constraints I will share 6 of my favorite ones; one from each look I did.  In one day I did 6 hair and makeup looks.  I was still amazed at how hard Laura pushed me to go outside my comfort zone, and I'm always amazed at my growth each time, when Laura believes in me.  This shoot marked my 1 year anniversary in the industry, and if I showed you where I was exactly a year ago...I just am so happy and grateful I can keep improving my artistry and to work with wonderful people like Laura (while getting paid! the best part! ^^||). I am still super honored and thrilled that Laura and Yael Designs hired me for this job - even though it happened almost 6 months ago! ^^||

It was certainly one of my biggest challenges at the time - I started with the Bridal Hair and Makeup for Svetlana, then immediately jumped to Bridal Hair and Makeup for Khrystyna with hair extensions, then switched to Svetlana in a tight bun and makeup, then removed Khrystyna's extensions to put her hair in a tight sleek bun and dramatic makeup, and then took out Svetlana's bun and teased it/curled it and changed the look, and then finished up by adding Khrystyna's hair extensions, curling the hair, and changing her makeup completely.  Thankfully, Yael Designs catered from my favorite Persian BBQ place in Mountain View and at the end of 6 looks, I got to eat! I feel tired just typing this out! lol~

Models: Khrystyna (Look) & Svetlana
Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts)
Photography &Wardrobe Styling: Laura Tillinghast (Laura Tillinghast Photography)
Client: Yael Designs

I'll share the other ones I like later! :) Enjoy!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Radilina - Lifestyle/Commercial Photography

Model: Radilina (Cast Images)
Makeup, Hair & Photography: Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts)
Wardrobe Styling: Radilina

The image above was the shot that I had imagined before shooting this, and it's titled "Radilina in Retro Yellow."  I'm really bad at remembering whether or not I already blogged about this - and it turned out I haven't yet.  I guess I'm very bad at blogging about photographs that I took myself!!! What's up with that?! I'm very proud of these images because the concept was entirely my own - and Radilina and I had a blast doing this photo shoot.  I am also proud to share that Radilina printed these photos and took it to her agency and is now represented by Cast Images and they selected MY photos for the front of her composite card.  Yay TEAM!  At first Radilina was concerned about going inside the pool, but I was convinced that she was crazy (Look how gorgeous she is!!!) and we were able to get the shot that I wanted very quickly so that she didn't have to suffer the cold temperature in the pool. Radilina has great taste in clothes and brought everything, except the necklace which belonged to me and was my suggestion as it suited the outfit and theme more.  Over all, I am very proud of this photo shoot, and I hope you enjoy the photos too! :)