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Friday, March 26, 2010

Beauty Story with June & Rummy [Part 2]!

Model: June Huang (City Models)
Photography: Rummy
The above 3 photos are edited by me - Rummy will also edit some but I just selected these because I wanted to take a stab at'em myself and also brush-up on my photoshop skills.  I also wanted to print them out for my portfolio.  I don't think doing more creative looks is really my thing because I am fond of clean, natural makeup.  Believe it or not 2 weeks ago I lost a gig because I don't have examples of super glamorous makeup in my portfolio.  Although it's not my thing to try to work for a men's magazine, at this point I'm concerned about getting published so I'll jump at the opportunity to get published.  Sigh.  It's OK, I'll try to get published elsewhere, hopefully, a more appropriate magazine for my interest.

I've also started the process of reorganizing my picasa gallery as well as my Facebook Fan Page! I know it's silly, but I'll be happy if you follow my blog and also my facebook fan page! :)

That's it for now! I'll be uploading the photos edits that Rummy edits soon! Until then, have a great weekend!!! :D

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Preview & Behind the scenes from Beauty Story

Model: June Huang (City Models)
Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts)
Photography: Rummy
Professional fan holder: Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts) J/K J/K! I did hold and controlled the wind with the huge fan - it was very heavy!! my arms hurt

Above is a preview of the shoot we worked on last night!  Rummy (the Photographer) sent me the preliminary edits to check if I'm OK with his edits.  :) Super nice & considerate of him!

I am sorry for not updating in so long! I've just been really really occupied; there are some other posts I have yet to post! I should get crackin' on those~! But no worries, I will when I'm able to! ^^"  So this beauty story was shot in my home studio! (Which REMINDS ME, I need to post photos of what I've been doing to my home studio! ^^ I guess...check back soon!) This is the first time I "hosted" a photo shoot with another photographer, Rummy, in my apartment! It was a last minute arrangement, as the model who I had arrangements with "cancelled" which left me frantically seeking a replacement. Thank goodness June swooped in and saved the day!  I especially enjoyed June singing along to my playlist I had going - that's something I would do and have done while working - when I'm less stressed out.  I was like: "Wow you like this song too? Yay!!" I went right into working and forgot to take the BEFORE & AFTER photo - we were kind of pressed for time...Sorry!  June said she will send me a mug shot of her. 

So I had originally planned just clean beauty looks, but Rummy was interested to do a second look that involved more "extreme makeup" and so yesterday afternoon I did a face chart like a good girl (or shall I say, good makeup artist!).  This face chart is from drawn by makeup artist Jordon Liberty! I printed it out and photocopied it onto watercolor/aquarell paper, and sat down to plan my makeup look.  I used color pencils for the face chart, but MUFE Flash Colors for the face.  I double-checked and triple-checked that June is not allergic to the red pigments (Carmine, Red 4, cochineal etc.), and she assured me she used it before and had no reactions - I do not want to be liable or send her to the E.R!  But after her assurance, I went ahead and did this - I filled in the products used afterward.   

After I was done with the 2nd look! I had her hold it up to her face!! :D Actually, in the end I added 2 gem stones on the antennae. It was my first time doing this kind of look, so I was very nervous~ but I think it went OK! So I'm proud of myself! :D

Above is Rummy changing the lights - we used the wall in between my bathroom/stairways and kitchen! We moved Skyla's treehouse and a mirror~ All in all, I had a great time, and definitely got some great shots for my book (portfolio).  More to come soon!  Till then! Have a great weekend!