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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yael Designs Photoshoot Reel I & II

I was chosen by Laura Tillinghast (the amazing photographer!) and the client Yael Designs, to do make up and hair for a series of jewelry beauty shots and a magazine print (publication date TBA)!  It was challenging (because I need more experience with hair~ and I'm always honest about what I can do!) and man I wish I could do a "wow" job with the hair as well - but I just had to try my best and do my best!

Jewerly: Yael Designs
Make up & Hair: Liz Chang (Skyla Arts)
Model: Khrystyna K @ Look & Svetlana K
Video: Angelomio Production

The video is produced by photographer & Khrystyna's close friend Novi.  First look is Bridal oriented, second look is the ones with hair sleeked back to display the jewelry, and third is the hair all down/crazy or party hair. I was a little stressed with the first bridal look (mainly the hair! I work with the amazing Michelle most of the time for bridal gigs so I rarely touch the bride's hair! ahh) but had  a lot of fun with the 2nd and 3rd look.  I need to tell myself: "Liz...Just Do it!" I really put the hair extensions I invested in for Khrystyna to GOOD USE! :) Thanks to the beautiful model's support and encouragement (with the hair!) and also, thanks so much for Laura for believing in me! T.T *sniffles*  The photos will be revealed when it's allowed (? I'll have to check-in again to when that is!)~ so stay tuned! For now enjoy the video shot and produced by Novi and be sure to check out her website! Thanks to her, I have my first ever reel! :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beauty shot with Leila* & Rummy

Photography: Rummy Makmur
Makeup: Liz (Skyla Arts)
Model (& Hair Styling): Leila*

We set up this shoot months and months ago and we finally got to do it yesterday (which happens to be my husband's birthday!~ oops on my part! sorry!!) Leisha is super super experienced~ and I've been anticipating working with her for forever! In the end I selected this one to print in my portfolio and asked Rummy to edit it for me first! So..there will be more photos to come! I love Leisha's eyes~! I also decided to use individual lashes instead of strip lash this time since Leisha already has beautiful long lashes to give the eyes a little extra UUMPH!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mommy & Me - Andrea [1]

When the world gets too much, isn't it nice to have someone you can always lean on to feel safe and warm? The power of attachment is immeasurable and so beautiful to me!  I've always loved high contrast b/w images~ in the days before digital (as if film was such an ancient thing!!!), I'd put a red or orange filter on and go about achieving it with my roll of b/w film~ oh, nostalgia!

Photography: Liz (Skyla Arts)
Makeup: Michelle Tan (MicheStyle)

I've been working very hard to prepare for my first ever bridal show happening on Tuesday. It's a small one but nonetheless there are some preparation work to be done.  I'm almost done with most of my to-do list for the event~ so...! Fingers crossed! Wish me luck! :) :) :) I hope everyone had a great weekend! My moment of relaxation was..going to watch "Inception" which was a brilliant movie but was not relaxing at all! I do highly recommend it but it's not one of those sit back and relax movies~! 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

IMATS Pasadena 2010 Kit Investment [Part I]

This was my first IMATS or any sort of makeup trade show so I was very excited to visit the booths and test out the products in person! Unfortunately because it was very busy at the Yaby Cosmetics booth, I didn't have as much time as I would like to just to browse around and I was more ON A MISSION type of browsing!  I know this is silly, but I felt special wearing my Exhibitor's Pass! hehehe~! But! Thank goodness I'm not a make up junkie or else I'd be so broke buying everything that's enticing! :) Onwards with my "investment" pieces....!

Before attending the show, I knew I wanted to check out the Hakuhodo brushes - the high quality Japanese hand-made brushes!  I thought about investing in one or two...but when I finally got a chance to feel it, it was hard to decide WHICH ones to buy. These are definitely long lasting INVESTMENT pieces in my career as an artist - the nice Japanese man explained to me the glue is applied all the way along the ferrule (seen in the darker color portion of the brush below) and so if you wanted to dry your brushes upright, you CAN because the glue won't breakdown easily.  I held up the goat and squirrel blush brush (not this one) side by side and at first I could not feel the subtle difference in softness~ I asked the nice Japanese man, and his reaction was: "Ehhhh? Please feel again!" and then I noticed it! From what I noticed, the series are separated by the handle type and length as well as the grade of the hair.

 Blue squirrel fur is slightly softer, but I decided to go with the goat and synthetic blend of the Kokutan Finishing Brush (shown on the left).   I was tempted to get the blue squirrel Kokutan Fan Brush, but I prefer a longer handle, and I just really like the shape of the brush. It's great for powder, highlight and contouring as well!  I've been testing it out since my return and using it on my clients, and I have to say I love this brush and will treasure it. The softness makes it great for blending~ and I'm a fond of the natural look to begin with so...it suits me very well!

After deciding on the Finishing Brush, I was like: "Shoot I've already reached my budget for brushes...but I really ....need..." ....So I am perfectly fine with my current pencil brushes - except when I need to get to the outer V and closer to the eye area in a tight smokey eye look, I notice the bristles of my MAC pencil brush might irritate my clients - which led me to purchase the Kokutan Eye Shadow Brush T.  The softness of the brush is the most gentle and comforting  pencil or fine-point applicator for the eye-area.  The trade-off is lighter application and it's harder to pickup the pigment.  I mean, this is the trade-off for softer brushes in general - but the rubbing of the coarser brushes can create microscopic tears and can also scratch and irritate the skin. This is best for clients with very sensitive skin. I do take great care in applying products to the eye area, but a great tool can make it easier and more comfortable for my clients.
Lastly, I actually bought a Kokutan Pointed Powder Brush that has a smaller brush area and of course the wooden handle. The photo on the left is not the one I bought (For some reason I cannot find it on the website! Perhaps it's a newer product...?) and from the S series...So my brush is shorter (sorry I didn't take a photo of this...maybe next time! It's drying now after its weekly deep cleansing!!! ^^) with the wooden handle but the surface area it covers is smaller. I was drawn to the shape of the brush immediately and noticed how much EASIER it would be for me to use it to highlight.  Usually I use a separate brush for cheek/forehead/chin and another for nose/cupid's bow.  But now, I can just stick to ONE. 

It was hard for me to reach for my wallet to buy all 3 brushes~ ! I was definitely a bit sweaty from stress! (lol...~ and I received sympathetic glances and also comforting words from the nice Japanese ladies processing my purchase! thank you, it was comforting!) One of the ladies told me: "It's OK! Work hard and come back next year for a few more!" And I was like: "I don't think I can afford to come back next year! *laughs nervously*" 

While I was looking at the brushes, there were 2 girls looking and feeling all the brushes and saying: "omg this is sooo expensive!! I can't believe it!" And I said: "Well...this is really top of the line stuff!!" as the nice Japanese man nods fervently in agreement! These were 3 brushes I had NO regrets buying. I also bought 3 little brushes and a Kabuki brush and a $10 dollar brush roll (a steal!!!) from Royal brushes but I haven't used them much but I'm also very happy with those purchases! :) All in all, I'm happy I refrained from impulse buys in the 'tools' department, given how little time I had to shop (a little over an hour over the 2 day period~!) so I'm very happy! Until next time~~~ Have a great week!