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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays! ! ! {2011 in Review}

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Happy Holidays everyone! ;)

I remembered a fun tool to make cards, and while I reviewing the smilebox (the only thing that's annoying is the ad, but it won't go away unless you pay their membership fee!!), a cute little tool to make online digital cards to send to friends/family/etc! Of course I couldn't fit every event in, but it's still fun to plug it in and take a moment to remember, and be grateful for all the opportunities I was given with wonderful clients, whether it be fashion editorials/video/film/news/catalogue/bridal/special events/makeup lessons!! 

I saw that they had a scrapbook and I thought to myself...why not!!! I've never done it before, but then again, 2011 has been a year of a lot of firsts!  Some notable ones for me..

- First time in NYC/NY Fashion Week!
- First time being published on StyleMePretty - California
- First time filming a 'real' makeup tutorial
- First time producing a bridal editorial (this one is not released yet!) 
- First time published for makeup/hair/photography in the Siren's editorial!
- First time getting props for a shoot, and buying the wardrobe (the picnic kids shoot in the park!)
- First time having/training assistant(s)! 
- First time doing 2 wedding gigs in a day (Even though I get multiple inquiries on the same date, usually the times end up conflicting and I am unable to accommodate 2 parties)
- First time winning the staff-voted RAW (un-photoshopped) Facebook photo contest! or any contest, really~ ;)
- First time having a public portfolio review (ohh nerve-racking! but worth it for the experience!)
- First time doing a full-on 80s makeup on my husband for his company's Xmas party!  

And here's the iPhone photo again for laughs~ ;) I could barely contain my laughter~ my husband, however, was fully in character for every photo.  He showed me an image of Rob Smith from The Cure, and demanded lipstick/powder and everything! He went through my jewelry box and found a random earring, and he asked me if I had any chunky necklaces to complete the outfit! Some of his colleagues barely recognized him but were 100% entertained and pleased with his look! It was a lot of fun! Bringing laughter/joy to people with makeup lol~!  I made my hair as big as I could tolerate it - I'm usually not a big hair person but it was fun to tease it out and have frizzy hair with lots of hair spray!!!

I want to take an opportunity to thank everyone for their support for my blog and commenting! I really appreciate the interaction! Have a safe & wonderful Holiday season everyone!!!

May 2012 be even better than 2011!!!  <3 <3 <3

Monday, December 19, 2011

Laurie & Aviv Wedding Video by Thomas Hughes Films

Laurie & Aviv, Thomas Fogarty Winery from Thomas Hughes Films on Vimeo.

Special thanks to Alex at Thomas Hughes Films for sharing Laurie & Aviv's Wedding Video with us! You can catch a sneak peak of us in action in the very beginning!

They make really beautiful wedding videos and had celebrity clients like Courtney Cox & Alicia Silverstone! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Laurie & Aviv {Fogarty Winery Wedding, Woodside, CA}

Makeup & Hair: Skyla Arts {Elizabeth & Carolyn, assisted by Erika}
Photography: Deborah Coleman Photography
Venue: Thomas Fogarty Winery, Woodside, CA
Caterer: Continental Caterers
Florist: Design with Flowers
Videographer: Thomas Hughes Films
DJ: Joel Nelson Productions

Time to share another beautiful bride! I wish I could share a few more gorgeous brides, but I need to track down their photographs!  Special thanks to Debby at Deborah Coleman Photography for responding to me and sharing these photos of their big day with us! 

Congratulations again to Laurie & Aviv! Carolyn had the pleasure to work on Judy's (Laurie's beautiful mom!) hair color before the big day, and I also got to shape Laurie's brows so they are ready to go!!  The bridal party got ready at Palo Alto, and then headed up to the winery shortly after.  

When Laurie first called me over the phone - we shared a 323 area code, and she asked me if I used to live in Los Angeles!  We then had a meeting to discuss the package details and she had some questions for me, and then we scheduled a trial session. I always share with my clients that anyone can be sensitive to any ingredient, even if it's a "good" ingredient - it's good for a lot of people's skin, but not necessarily for everyone.  The benefit of having a trial is almost like an insurance policy to make sure nothing will react with your skin.  During our trial, we also tried out two different mascaras to see which one Laurie preferred!  It's a perfect time to get to the nuts and bolts of things - you would not want to stress or think about these details on your big day! 

I love the ambiance of Jewish weddings; After Judy was all dressed with hair and makeup all done, she told me she was ready to DANCE! As Debby's photos show you, everyone's dancing and having fun! I hope you enjoy the photos!  Happy Wednesday! ;) 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gillian & Walter {San Francisco City Hall Wedding}

Photography by Roffna Principe
Makeup: Liz
Hair: Carolyn

Introducing...the Webers! I blogged about Jill back in May and shared a little bit about them.  It was our absolute pleasure to be a part of their big day.  The two families joined as one, and they couldn't have been happier!  It was a busy getting ready suite with the kids all excited after returning from breakfast, and everyone was excited!  Lots of smiling and happiness in the room; it was contagious!

As mentioned previously, it was my first time meeting her on her wedding day.  It was very touching to me that she trusted me enough to let me handle her look without having a trial.  Jill had beautiful skin, and I loved how the soft coral-y pink color looks on her! Of course without the trial, there is less time to 'play around' with the look - and Carolyn and I were so happy that everyone loved their look!

I'm a bit embarrassed to post this many months after it had happened! I simply lost track of the order I should be blogging!  This is why I still have less than 100 followers! =P oh well...! Anyways....! Please don't let my bad blogging habits stop you from sharing their joy! ! ! 

I hope you enjoy the photos of their intimate wedding celebration that Jill generously sent to me to share with you! :)

And now...some getting ready shots / Behind the Scenes! ;)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Published in Votive Issue 2: 12 page spread!

You can preview the entire issue or order the print/digital copy here! I am very excited about my first publication where I did makeup/hair & photography as well.  Of course I didn't do it all by myself - I had a great stylist Andrea, and my talented assistant Erika, and gorgeous model Annie!  I really do like what Mathew Jordan Smith says TEAM stands for: Together Each Achieves More! 

Sometimes...there are things you need to get out of your system and this project was one of them. I don't often get behind the lens because I was discouraged from doing everything, but occasionally when inspiration hits, sometimes you just gotta do it! I finished editing around the time we were filming our youtube tutorial, and I showed the images to Tim & Kris, and Tim the videographer told me about Votive Magazine. He said it had more of an Art focus and that my story would fit! Coincidentally, issue 2 was about "Artistic License" and we just had to follow that and it just fitted my story!  Yay!  

And one of my images is in the index too! ;) Well, I hope you enjoy the spread! ;)