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Monday, January 21, 2013

Mindy and Steven {Capitola D.I.Y. Wedding}

Makeup & Hair: Liz 
Photography: Pascale Wowak

I had a great pleasure working with Mindy + Steven for their big day last March in Capitola, CA.  Mindy, with the help of the mother of the bride + mother of the groom really put everything together - they decked out her mother's beautiful backyard/garden in Capitola. 

When I met Mindy for the consultation, she said to me (paraphrased) "I am so lucky to marry my best friend." It is always a joy to see two families become one! Mindy is a successful blogger & book author.  It was really fun to listen to her share with me her experience as a professional model! It's no surprise to me that Mindy was working full-time as a model, (she is gorgeous!) flying to Germany and Japan! I also got to work with Daphne, Mindy's beautiful daughter, who requested an elegant french twist.  I was also thrilled that Steven was open to receive Groom's grooming services! :) Trust me...it's very subtle. If I didn't tell you, could you really tell he had a little bit of concealer and some powder on? A little goes a long way for those wedding photos! 

Please enjoy the beautiful photos taken by Pascale Wowak!  Special thanks to Mindy for sending me and sharing her beautiful photos! Congratulations again to Mindy + Steven! 

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